Register for the webinar on February 3, when speakers from CHESS Health and the Steadman Group share how your organization should be planning to address the crisis of substance use disorder with the expected opioid settlement funds.

During the webinar, we'll discuss:

  1. How organizations, particularly counties and local governments, should plan for the expected opioid settlement funds
  2. Best practices in allocating funds among prevention strategies, treatment, recovery support, criminal justice initiatives, and harm reduction programs
  3. Innovative initiatives that are making a difference in the SUD crisis, including how technology may support care coordination, peer recovery, and successful re-entry programs.


  • JK Costello, MD, MPH, Principal at the Steadman Group
  • Lindsay Houston, MPH, Behavioral Health Consultant at the Steadman Group
  • Marco Macaluso, MA, LPC, Behavioral Health Consultant at the Steadman Group
  • Hans Morefield, CEO, CHESS Health